We make it part of our lives so it can be a part of your life!

“The impact of the Eruv was ‘instantaneous and incredible’," she said. "You could all go to synagogue together, or meet family and friends over meals, or go to the park. A Shabbat is a chance for family and friends to get together and to relax and enjoy the day. I feel that's what Shabbat was meant to be."

This Eruv was put up because we want to bring an עונג שבת to you.

Hence why, throughout all sections of Rockland County the quality of the makeup of the Eruv, reliability of our members, and Halachic status thereof are of the highest standard. Educating our members, planning, constructing, adhering to safety, expanding, and upkeeping the Eruv, are all the ways we repeatedly ensure that every single Shabbos the Eruv is Kosher.

Every Erev Shabbos, about 80 devoted Bodkim make their way around the community inspecting the Eruv. Often, this work starts as early as Wednesday and continues until late Friday afternoon. What’s more, whilst keeping our vision in focus, our volunteers and crew sacrifice their time and efforts. Because your עונג שבת is our עונג שבת!

When we notice something that needs care, we don’t delay. The iconic bucket truck is at our disposal. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and skilled tradesmen aboard, we resolve the issue in the most Mehudar fashion, the way our Torah community expects of us.

And we are dedicated to avoiding Chilul Shabbos B’Mesiros Nefesh. On short notice, we may have to run out of the shower or trudge through inclement weather, or sometimes we forfeit an early Shabbos during the summer’s late Shabbosim, etc. Regardless of the circumstances, we do not let you down!

Enjoy your family Shabbos walk while pushing a stroller.

Help the handicapped who use a wheelchair.

Wear your gloves in the bitter cold.

It's a pleasure knowing that we make it possible for you.

The proportion of the work is inestimable. Yet The Monsey Eruv's skilled staff ensures that this weekly undertaking runs in the most efficient manner. The Bodkim remain committed despite inclement weather, mud, snow, thorns and bristles.

While we thought that all we wanted was to build and maintain an Eruv, over time we realized that we want to include more sections so more people can benefit from the Eruv. We also noticed that it must be expanded to avoid

Nichshul L'rabim for those who live close by and don't know where the Eruv ends. So we did expand, no matter the complications involved with the city and utility companies.

We feel honored to be the catalyst of the Oneg Shabbos experienced amongst the Monsey and surrounding community.