Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Monsey Eruv constructed?
The Monsey Eruv is comprised of multiple different components. Most commonly, the eruv is created out wires that are already in place on utility poles. Narrow plastic conduits are attached vertically to the side of the poles that are being used. The one inch wide conduits can be either black or white in color and range from 16 to 22 feet long.
Do the utility companies allow their poles to be used for the eruv?
Yes. The Monsey Eruv has been the only association in Rockland County legally authorized to attach conduits onto Orange & Rockland, Rockland Electric and Verizon utility poles for many years.
Does The Monsey Eruv pay to use these utility poles?
Yes. Orange & Rockland has a formula that it uses to compute an annual charge for each utility pole used in as part of the eruv.
Is it permissible to carry on Shabbos throughout Rockland County?
No. The Monsey Eruv does not cover the entire county. As of 2021, the eruv is comprised of 12 different sections, some of which are sub-divided into smaller sections. Before carrying on Shabbos, check with a reliable source to make sure that you are located in a place that is within the eruv’s boundaries.
Why is the eruv split into sections?
Because The Monsey Eruv is one of the largest in the world, the decision was made to split it into sections. That way, if one part of the eruv goes down, only those who live in that section are affected, while the rest of the covered area will still be able to carry.
How do I know if the eruv is up each week?
The Monsey Eruv provides weekly status updates which are automatically sent out to subscribers each week via text or email.
Can anyone put up an eruv in Rockland County?
No one should take it upon themselves to add to the existing eruv. Doing so would require attaching wires to the eruv, which cannot be done without a permit from the town and/or the utility company. It is also important to remember that the laws of eruvin are extremely complex and creating an addition to an existing eruv could cause it to become posul.