To save our Eiruv from collapse.

The Monsey Eruv helps the young and old in our community

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The string that ties us
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The Monsey Eiruv helps the young and old in our community

Before there was an eiruv
How we helped the community

The Sabbath of the Jew is a very special time of the week. From Friday evening just prior to sunset until Saturday evening when the stars begin to appear, a spirit of calm and restfulness descends which contrasts with the fast pace of daily weekday life. The Monsey Eruv helps the entire community at this special time and enables young and old to carry freely.

Our Mission

We make it part of our lives so it can be a part of your life!

“The impact of the Eruv was ‘instantaneous and incredible’,” she said. “You could all go to synagogue together, or meet family and friends over meals, or go to the park. A Shabbat is a chance for family and friends to get together and to relax and enjoy the day. I feel that’s what Shabbat was meant to be.”

The Team
that makes the Monsey Eiruv Possible

About Us

Shabbos is the highlight of the week for members of the Orthodox Jewish community. From just before sunset on Friday until the stars appear on Shabbos evening, a spirit of tranquility and restfulness descends, a welcome contrast with the fast pace of daily life.

Like all other aspects of life, Shabbos is defined by a full set of guidelines, outlining the do’s and don’ts of the day. Carrying objects between public and private domains is forbidden on Shabbos, as is carrying items within a public domain.